Identity verification made easy.

A fully-featured KYC, AML/CTF and identity verification solution - out of the box
With more than 500 clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, delivering 94 million points of engagement annually, Chandler is trusted by innovative organisations big and small.

Chandler Verify is a fully-featured KYC, AML/CTF and identity verification solution, out of the box.

Onboard and identify your customers with ease.
Chandler Verify is a KYC (Know Your Customer) service that allows organisations to meet their KYC and AML/CTF obligations that can scale and integrate with the required organisational processes. Chandler Verify provides an easy-to-use interface, and speedy integration, that allows for high volume and user-friendly KYC and AML/CTF checks. Chandler Verify enables self-service for customers – dramatically reducing the amount of effort required by organisational operational staff.
Real-time verification
With Chandler Verify, you can confirm an individual’s name, address, date of birth and identity documents against independent and reliable data sources, online in real time.
Pre-built UI and API
Integrate quickly with an out of the box responsive javascript UI that can be deployed with 3 lines of code. Or - utilise our RESTful APIs to integrate into your existing backend systems.
Optimised user experience
The Chandler Verify workflow includes pre-set validation and document selection tools, such as address verification to keep user effort to a minimum.
AML/CTF monitoring
Verify customers or transactions against Australian and global counter-terrorism and anti-money laundering watchlists to ensure you meet your regulatory compliance obligations.
Reliable, independent data sources
You can verify customers against multiple reliable, trustworthy and independent data sources :
  • Australian government document verification service (DVS) - verify Drivers Licenses, Passports, Medicare cards and more
  • Credit history file from Australian credit bureaus
  • Australian government death register
  • Australian and global sanctions and watchlists
  • Adverse media monitoring
Administration Dashboard
Our powerful administration dashboard provides rich functionality and insights on user activity including history, audit trail, alerts and activity reporting. You can also extend functionality to provide your operations and customer service teams the capability to perform, secure, independant KYC checks as needed.
Seamless and integrated identity verification for a great user experience.
Chandler Verify offers a RESTful API to perform all functions, and a responsive HTML5 Javascript widget to render the client UI to perform a verification. It is recommended to implement the javascript widget where possible, as this will minimize UI implementation effort. It utilises standard technologies such as RESTful HTTP APIs and JSON Web Tokens that are supported on all major environments (e.g. Java, .Net, Python, PHP, Ruby).
Brand Alignment
Customise and style the Chandler Verify UI and content to match your brand.
HTML5 Javascript Widget
Chandler Verify includes an out-of-the-box javascript widget that simplifies integrating to just 3 lines of Javascript.

The Chandler Verify user interface (UI) includes an easy to use workflow for your customers to follow. It is mobile responsive and contains inline-validation and best-of-breed UI design to capture the document details as required by the DVS.
Admin API
The Admin API is used by the existing customer system (e.g. website, online portal, mobile app). The admin API can be used to check customer status, create new customers, and to create verification requests.
Verification API
The Verification API is used by the end-user device (e.g. mobile phone, PC) to complete the verification request and submit documents for verification. The Chandler Verify javascript UI utilises the Verification API. Custom user interfaces can also be implemented.
Connect and integrate with your digital assets for more control over your customer experience.
With the ability to scale and integrate across your customer facing digital applications – Chandler Verify can deliver a frictionless customer experience.
Rapid Integration
Chandler Verfiy takes the complexity out of KYC integrations, meaning you can focus more on what matters most - your customers.

With our powerful API's, Javascript widget and Administration dashboard, you can readily connect Chandler Verify to your data services, applications and major platforms to eliminate friction and provide powerful, real-time identity verification workflows to your operations.
Performance and Security At Scale
Chandler Verify has been developed and optimised to handle increases in load across your digital channels without impact on performance.

Coupled with powerful autoscaling delivered from our secure Microsoft Azure data centres, Chandler Verify is equipped to deliver a high performance, and readily accessible KYC user experience.
Privacy and security are our number one priority.
Chandler Verify provides a high performing, high availability KYC verification solution, ensuring that your data and your customers’ data is secure whilst you maintain full ownership and control over it. Developed to comply with relevant industry, best practice standards, Chandler is ISO27001 certified.
World-Class Infrastructure
We use highly secure and scalable Microsoft Azure data centres that are IRAP, CPS234 and ISO27001 compliant. All solutions are protected by Cloudflare WAF that provides OWASP top 10 prevention, as well as brute force and DDOS prevention.
Data Encryption
Ensuring that your data is secure from the threat of hackers – both in transit and in storage, we use sophisticated AES 256 encryption for peace of mind.
Layers of Protection
Chandler Verify provides a highly secure environment to conduct your KYC checks.  There are several layers of safety checks and thresholds built in to limit risk, without compromising a seamless user experience.
Risk Management
To ensure we are managing risk, Chandler regularly conducts third party audit on all of our policies and procedures. We also perform penetration tests and have robust business continuity management in place to prevent incidents. We ensure high availability and mitigate risk with disaster recovery plans.
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